For those of you like me that are bothered by the fact that we jumped into the Christmas season before Thanksgiving was even over, this one is for you.

The band Small Town Titans from York, PA decided to cover "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" and it made my day. Not to say that I don't enjoy the Christmas season, I just respect time overall. All this holiday jumping drives me crazy.

Sure it is a dumb battle, but I have been arguing with my co-workers who are very pro-Christmas right now. The building was decorated early last week and it looks like Christmas vomited everywhere. The front desk has a Christmas tree complete with lights and presents. The hallways and even some studios are all decked out in displays that even Bronner's would be proud of.

I can't stand it. Can we just get through Thanksgiving and be gluttonous alcoholics before we whip out the tinsel? If you agree with me, enjoy the video below. If you don't agree with me, don't talk to me until Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Source: Small Town Titans