How are you passing the self-isolation downtime? For Nickelback fans, they may be taking up the band's social media movement, the #nickelbackriffchallenge. While it appears to still be fairly fresh, the frontmen of Three Days Grace and Small Town Titans have helped get the ball rolling with their own recorded takes.

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Three Days Grace frontman Matt Walst captured the band's attention, receiving acknowledgement for his video posting take on "Save Me. "When Matt Walst (@MattJPWalst @threedaysgrace) steps up to a challenge we drop everything and take notice," wrote the band. "Thank you Matt. The world is is a better place with you in it and we appreciate you more than we could ever say. Who’s next? Keep them coming."

Small Town Titans singer Phil Freeman also picked up the guitar to perform a bit of "How You Remind Me" to participate as well, then turning to a number of fellow musicians in other bands to forward on the #nickelbackriffchallenge.

Several other musicians decided to show their Nickelback knowledge on their instruments, including a member of The Wick providing some Mike Kroeger respect and Walkaway's guitarist revisiting some electrifying riffs from Nickelback's cover of Elton John's "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting,"

But you don't have to be a total pro to take part. Even some kids got in on the action, as seen in the tweets below.

See more of the #nickelbackriffchallenge videos by heading here.

In other Nickelback news, guitarist Ryan Peake checked in with an update revealing the drummer Daniel Adair is currently healing from an injury. He also announced that the band is nearing completion of a new documentary that should be available in "the next month or two."

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