It's bittersweet, but my time here is almost up. 

I'm moving to California on January 6th to start a new chapter in life. To begin with, I do not hate Flint or Michigan. I actually love this place, it's been so good to me over the years and I have so many amazing human beings that I get to call my friends and some even family. I DO HATE THE WEATHER THOUGH. Well, actually only the winter. Michigan summers are the best, and I'm sure I'll miss having seasons. I'm moving to the Los Angeles area, and I am definitely looking forward to not sweeping snow off of my car. The other night I was driving and I had to go super slow because of the snow. That was the first time I have ever appreciated the snow. Ever. I realized I'm glad to be from Michigan and that I know HOW to drive in a snowstorm. I looked at the sparkly white sheet before me as I crept along and thought "the Los Angeles traffic is going to be harder to drive in than THIS". It made the storm feel like child's play.

I will miss my Banana coworkers and all of the ridiculous shenanigans that we have going on here at any given time. We have laughed SOOOO DAMNED HARD over the years that I've been here, so much that I often would stop and think "this is part of our job? Wow.". So. Many. Jokes. I will miss The Machine Shop of course as well. I would get out of work here, and go there and laugh SOOOO DAMNED HARD with that crew and think "this is my job? Wow!", and proceed to take it too far with an awkward joke.

I will miss you. I started out as a listener of Banana 101.5 years ago and got to know Maggie, Tony and Chris from different events. I'm glad I was able to experience what it felt like on this side of the speakers. The listeners of this station are unlike any other. You guys always show up and make our events better than we could imagine. You call in to win. You wear your shirts proudly. You share stuff on social media. You get to know us personally so when we are out doing live events, it feels more like a group of friends hanging out instead of radio people over here and listeners over there. YOU are a huge part of what makes this station so unique and special. It doesn't go unnoticed and I would like to thank you for listening, especially to my late night folks who rocked with me all of this time from midnight 'til 5 AM. I'll miss our chats.

I found photos from SOME of the greatest times I had working at this station. I have had way too many stellar times to post pictures of them all, but this is just a sample.


I looked back at the post I made from the first time I ever went to California. That Ramen restaurant is still my favorite and it is always the first place I go when I'm in town. I still won't like the motorcycles driving in between lanes, and I'll have to get used to the drink prices, I suppose. I then looked back at the first post I ever made on the Banana website. First off, it's lame, because I didn't put any pictures, nor did I know how to make interesting stuff to read, apparently. My favorite drink is no longer Jack Daniels, but I still love tacos, carbs and beer. And back then, I was trying to make you like me so I failed to mention that my one of my favorite bands is actually Hanson. Seeing Hanson live was one of the best days of my life. That's another story for another time.

I have had so many great memories here, and I don't think I could even begin to list them all. Banana 101.5 will always be my station. From a fan to an employee, and now I guess you could consider me alumni, I will always be proud to represent this station, and will listen online, on my app or on the Amazon Echo Platform with Alexa. ;-)

I'll wrap this up before you start crying. Thanks for rocking out with me and for the countless high-fives, hugs, kind words, gifts, and jokes. Thanks for toasting drinks with me at events. Thanks for not laughing at me too hard as I made mistakes along the way while trying to be a good enough show host for you. I look forward to this next chapter in life and I'll be back to visit! Take care of yourself, you beautiful weirdo.

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