Try to imagine Halloween not being on October 31st. It would be really weird, right? Well, there's a movement hoping to move the holiday to the last Saturday in October. When I say movement, I'm talking about nearly 30 thousand people that have signed a petition asking President Trump to change the date.

There are definitely pros and cons to moving Halloween to the last Saturday of the month.

Pros: Kids and parents wouldn't have to worry about having to get up for school or work the following day. When it falls on a weekday, kids want to stay up late, eat candy and hang with their friends. They can't do that if they have school the next day. For parents, they can have Halloween gatherings and enjoy a night of cocktails with friends as well.

Cons: It's freaking Halloween, it's been on the 31st for nearly 2 thousand years!! It's a tradition we've all shared our entire lives so it would feel a bit weird. Also, I believe we would have more drunk drivers on the roads due to the additional parties that would be taking place while kids are out and about.

At the end of the day, I wouldn't care either way because my son is 13 and no longer goes trick or treating so it wouldn't really affect me.

What are your thoughts? Should Halloween be moved to the last Saturday of the month?

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