Go figure, today is yet another weird national day. I feel like today is like every day for Chris Monroe - it's 'National Goof Off Day'. Yep, there is such a thing.

I am sure a name of a co-worker pops up in your head too. A person or persons who just seems to coast through the workday. Well, guess what? Today is your day to coast. Chances are you won't. You like to do a good job at work. Chris - not so much.

Some people I hope are NOT participating in 'National Goof Off Day' are doctors and the people that make my food. Wear a hair net for crying out loud. Tonight after I am done working, I certainly hope the bartender serving me is also NOT participating in goofing around. I mean business when it comes to cocktailing. All kidding aside, I hope you have a least a minute or two to 'goof around'. If you need a goofing partner, call Chris Monroe. Wah Wah - love you Chrissy.