The key to the Chicago Blackhawks stellar season may have been revealed through what some call a routine or Freudian slip. The Hawks finished with a 36-7 record to snag a Presidents trophy win for best record/most points in the regular season. So what's the big secret? How'd they manage to only lose seven games this year? The answer is found in the words of CSN Chicago reporter Susannah Collins, stating the key to their success was " a tremendous amount of sex”. While the exorbitant amount of sex the team had this year may have been good for the regular season, it must be "not so good" for their first game in the playoffs, or as Susannah calls it, "the second season", as the game went into OT. I guess that means they were just to pooped to pop, er-umm, play. But they somehow managed to "pull-out" a win, 2-1.

Collins later owned up to her slip of the tongue via twitter. But were not buying it. We know whats on her mind.