A semitrailer hauling 34 dairy cows crashed earlier this morning near Kalamazoo.

It must have been an ugly scene early this morning when a truck hauling 34 dairy cows crashed while driving along U.S. 131. According to MLive, The crash happened at 3 am (Oct 14) long northbound U.S. 131, just south of the U.S. 131 business loop on-ramp.

The truck went off the road and down a hill into a wooded area. From the photo I saw, it looked like the trailer had flipped over on its side. With 34 cows in the trailer, it must have looked like an absolute blood bath.

Crews from the Oshtemo Township Fire Department had to cut their way into the trailer. After getting inside, they realized that many of the dairy cows didn't survive the unfortunate accident.

No one else aside from the cows was injured in the incident that shut down one lane of northbound U.S. 131 for hours.

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This is the second time this year that something similar to this has happened. If you remember back in February, a trailer that was carrying 38 cows overturned on the westbound I-94 ramp headed to southbound I-75 near Detroit. Much like this incident, many of the cows died in the crash. It was believed that speeding was the cause of that accident.

After that accident happened PETA placed a billboard proclaiming, “See the Individual. Go Vegan” near the crash site in honor of the cows who were “shot dead after being severely injured.”

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