Early this morning at least nine people were injured after a truck slammed into the Fight for $15 rally in Flint.

The group of protesters were near the McDonald's at Dort Highway and Lapeer Road when the accident took place. According to multiple sources, it appears to be an accident and the driver of the truck is not in custody and is cooperating with police.

Apparently, people were crossing the street when the accident happened. The truck also hit a Consumers Energy vehicle.

It's not clear at the moment just how severe the injuries are but hopefully, none are life-threatening.

ABC12 reports that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer was in attendance at the protest. She tweeted,  “I was in Flint for the rally this morning and am incredibly sad that so many people were hurt.” Flint Mayor Karen Weaver was supposed to be at the rally at some point today as well.

Fast food workers in Flint and Detroit hit the streets this morning to kick off a nationwide walkout by fast-food workers demanding union rights from their employers in battleground states across the country Oct. 3 and 4. The protestors are fighting to be paid $15 an hour.

I hate that this happened but I'm glad to hear it was an accident and it wasn't some nutbag that simply out to hurt people.

I don't know if this is true but some people on social media claimed a fight broke out and spilled into the street, that's when the driver accidentally struck them. But as is the case with anything you see in social media comment sections -- take that with a grain of salt unless it's confirmed by other reputable sources or witnesses.


Source: NBC25 WDIV ABC12