The United States Capitol is in lockdown today as Trump supporters stormed the capitol building.

What we are watching unfold in Washington D.C. today is unlike anything any of us have seen in our lifetime. During the confirmation hearing of the Electoral College votes, trump supporters started to gather outside of the capitol building. As the proceedings happened inside, the atmosphere outside became increasingly violent.

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Police and protestors eventually clashed and the protestors turned into an angry mob, overcoming the police and storming their way into the capitol building. The full session was forced to evacuate under fear of being attacked by the incoming mob. Michigan Representative Dan Kildee tweeted about what was happening.

Despite calls from both sides to President Trump to tell his supporters to stop this onslaught, he has been silent.


Trump has put out a video about the riots, but instead of telling people what they are doing is wrong, he is sympathizing with the rioters.

This is not the response that was needed. This is a man who is backhandedly supporting the people that have committed crimes in our nations capitol.

If you would like to see how a presidential figure should respond, watch the video from President-Elect Biden.




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