According to the comments on the Facebook feed, some people think this is a nice gesture, but most think it's creepy. Do you think it's creepy?

The guy says that he hopes this video doesn't scare her, so he at least knows that this isn't normal. This video was posted to Facebook by a person named Julio Vianco, so I guess it's not easy to 100% confirm that this was an Uber driver, however regardless of the situation this man just met this lady the night before and he's ready to build her a home. I lost it when he said, "Let's go full throttle". That sounds so gross to me. Do you think this is weird, or would you feel special if someone you met the day before made a video like this for you? Personally, I think the gesture is fine, but the things he says are kind of sketchy. I don't know if he had her number and sent it to her, or if he just posted it for the internet to see.

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