Every parent's worst nightmare almost became a reality for the Ghinelli family after their 2-year old somehow wandered from his Burton daycare center into the middle of Belsay Rd without any of the employees noticing.

Stories like these make me very glad that I never put my boys in daycare. Their mother and I have always worked opposite shifts at our respective jobs so we could be the ones to raise our kids and teach them about life in their earliest years. Not only that, but I don't trust just anyone with the lives of my children... and it's because of stories like this one.

According to WNEM, Kolten Ghinelli somehow managed to make it away from the Always Learning Daycare on Belsay Rd in Burton without any of the employees noticing. In fact, nobody noticed until nearby motorist Terrence Roshell almost hit the boy with his vehicle. Luckily, his reflexes were good and he was able to stop in time and halt traffic long enough to get the boy out of the street safely and return him to the daycare. Oddly enough, he said the workers seemed very calm and "nonchalant" about the situation at hand.

Nearby employees at a salon saw the entire ordeal and phoned police, who then showed up and attempted to contact the boys parents to inform them of what had happened. That call didn't connect until nearly 6 hours after the incident, because the daycare allegedly provided officers with incorrect contact info. Whether this was all a series of unfortunate misunderstandings or the result of negligence and misdirection remains to be determined. The daycare is currently under investigation for this incident and another undisclosed issue.

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