It seems like the Yoopers are pissed at the real Michiganders and they are ready to consider becoming America's 51st state. Check out the details on what has those weirdos ready to leave the lower peninsula and all of us "Trolls" behind.

The U.P. has been a part of Michigan since the Battle Of Toledo in 1836, and apparently, they are ready to cut the tie.  The idea of the U.P. declaring it's self as an independent state has been discussed by the Marquette County Board Of Commissioners and is being supported by residents of the area.

Yoopers are unsatisfied with the distribution of state funds, claiming that the capitol, Lansing, and other Lower Peninsula states get an unfair advantage.  Northern Michigan University will be conducting a study, to figure out the feasibility of the U.P. breaking away.

Personally, I think it's a great idea.  Let those Yoopers take care of themselves.  The U.P. makes up almost 30% of the land in Michigan, but only accounts for 3% of it's population.  And if they can't figure out a way to be established as a state, let's sell the whole U.P. to Wisconsin.  They are both filled with weirdos and with the money Michigan makes, maybe we can hire some cops, fix some schools, and get rid of all these damn pot holes.

Source: WWJ