This is an incredibly interesting and unique training for health care workers, families and communities to offer a peep into the world of people suffering from dementia. 

I've never been personally affected by dementia, but I have watched loved ones deal with it, and I've seen the insane amount of stress and heartache it can cause. This eye-opening training requires participants to wear goggles to disturb their eyesight, shoe inserts with spikes on them, gardening gloves turned inside out, and headphones with loud distracting noises to simulate some of the symptoms that those suffering with dementia live with. The participants are then asked to perform a list of tasks while dealing with all of the distractions. According to WZZM, this training is being offered at Village Concepts Retirement Communities in Washington, but is not a state mandated training. This is something I would love to experience just to increase my own awareness of a very real health care concern.


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