Quite a few Walmart employees have 90 days to find a new job.

In a recent announcement, Walmart informed around 200 employees across five states that they will be without a job in 90 days. Thankfully, this round of cuts will not include Michigan employees. The news comes shortly after another announcement that the massive company will be closing over a dozen stores across the United States.

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As of right now, the employees that are getting the axe are those that fulfill e-commerce orders in five different stores. Those stores are located in New Jersey, Texas, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania. These layoffs apparently stem from a reduction or elimination of evening and weekend shifts.

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These Walmart employees now have a limited time to secure new jobs at one of Walmart's 5,000 stores or facilities. With many Walmart stores announced to be closed along with the company's investment in automation, many wonder if more cuts are coming. If more layoffs are made, will Michigan employees be next on the chopping block? So far, Walmart hasn't closed any stores in Michigan, but I wouldn't be surprised if more announcements like this are made.

Back in December of 2022, Walmart's CEO also made a warning that prices could go up and stores could be closed because of an increase in theft over the recent years. In recent months, Walmart has closed stores in Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin.

For the sake of those that work for Walmart throughout Michigan, I really hope no more cuts are made, but I personally feel that more will probably be announced.

Source: MLive

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