We have all been there. Regardless of what store we were in. We have a question and there are no sales associates around to answer it. I have left stores because of this. I have even left when my question was half-assed answered. As in I was pointed in a direction and still could not find what I was looking for.

Let me say again - this can happen at any store, not just Walmart. However, a Walmart store is where this video was filmed. Forrest Hunter was a customer in a Kentucky Walmart. Hunter needed assistance and evidently, there was not a store employee around. Forrest then picked up an intercom and paged 'Customer needs assistance in sporting goods, please. I’m the customer.' He later posted it on his Facebook page and the video has since gone viral.

I certainly hope no one is losing a job over this. I am guessing there is always someone behind the counter now or the intercom is now out of customer reach. Wah Wah.


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