A Lot of people love the smell of a traditional fire during the holidays, while others prefer the smell of fried chicken coming out of their fireplace.

For the third year in a row, KFC is bringing back their beloved '11 Herbs and Spices Firelog.'  For the past couple years it sold out so fast that I couldn't get one but this year I might have a better shot because it's going to be sold exclusively at Walmart.

According to Fox Business, The move gives the retailer an edge over competitors due to the fact that the product has sold out nationwide for the past two years in a row with "customer demand and excitement" for the product growing each year, Ross McRoy, president and founder of Enviro-Log, said.

Created in partnership with Enviro-log, the KFC Firelog will be available starting this Monday at select stores and online.

I'm going to pick a couple up of logs this Monday for sure but not to put in my fireplace. I want to put the KFC Firelog in my outdoor firepit so all my neighbors have to smell it in all its glory. There's no doubt I'll have the whole neighborhood smelling like fried chicken. I might even scoop up a couple of extras and save them for my camping trip next summer.

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