January is typically the cloudiest and coldest month in the state of Michigan. However, things are looking (and feeling) a little different for the start of 2023.

Depending on where in Michigan you live, you could experience record-breaking temps this week. Most of Michigan will see temps in the 40s today with things warming up even more on Wednesday. Yeah, we're talking temps in the mid-50s for some Michiganders. That's very warm for this time of year.

After seeing how warm it was going to get this week, it got me thinking about the warmest temperatures ever in Michigan during the month of January.

When Was Michigan's Warmest January?

Obviously, temps vary throughout the state. So, for this discussion, we'll just focus on Detroit's temps.

Extreme Weather Watch has a list of the highest temperatures ever recorded in the month of January in Detroit, Michigan from 1948–2022. According to the site, the warmest January temperature in Detroit, Michigan history was 67°F which occurred on January 25, 1950.

We're not sure what the rest of the month looked like but 67°F was enough to make it the warmest January.

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Michigan also saw 64°F on January 7, 2008, and 63°F on January 17 in 1952.

When Was Michigan's Coldest January?

On January 21, 1984, Detroit had the coldest temp on record as folks endured -21°F.

I don't know what kind of temps we'll see for the rest of the month but as of right now, we're looking at the 30s and 40s for the next couple of weeks.

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