You can leave your mark for a great cause at We'redough in Flint. On Sunday, December 12th the popular bakery will be hosting a fundraiser for Flint Pride at their new location on Miller Road.

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Consider this your personal invitation to be a part of the Rainbow Handprint Community Mural. For a donation of just one dollar to Flint Pride, you can put your handprint on the community mural. If you are not familiar, Flint Pride Society is responsible for planning the Flint Gay Pride annual festival. Your one-dollar donation (or more) will be going toward a great cause.

You can help out a great cause, and treat yourself to something delicious from the folks at We'redough. Not to mention, this event is the perfect opportunity to check out their new location. Talk about a total win, win, win.

Some of you may remember in October of 2020, the owner of We'redough announced via Facebook that the bakery was on the verge of closing. Her post went viral and the rest as they say is history. We'redough continues to thrive and has obviously not forgotten all the help they have had from their customers. This event is proof of that.

I am definitely planning on attending this event, and I hope to see you there too. Let's leave a mark (handprint) for a great cause and enjoy some awesome treats while we are at it. We'redough is located at 4215 Miller Road in Flint. See you there!

Anyone else craving We'redough right now too?

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