You may have heard about a local bakery called We'redough, located on Fenton Road in Flint. Just a few weeks ago the bakery was on the verge of closing. The owner posted the sad news on Facebook on October 8th (see actual post below). That post went viral, and I am happy to say We'redough did not have to close, and as a matter of fact they have continued to sell out of products, and had to hire help. How awesome is that?

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We'redough is one of many local businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic. I can't help but wonder what other mom and pops shops need bodies through the doors right now? I have not really been out all that much other than work, or to grab an occasional restaurant order to go. I am happy that when I do pick up my carryout order, or dine in as of late - I am seeing people in these places. I am sure that is not the case for every restaurant.

I want to know which businesses you think need some extra love right now. What local restaurants and local businesses do you recommend? From clothing, to salons, and restaurants, everything - who need my business and your business now to stay open?

If you are a business owner, you better tell me about you and your store too. Maybe if everyone reading this suggested just one business each, we could really make a difference and get some hard working local folks out of a financial hole.

So this is difficult. We had large losses last month due to reduced customers coming in. And so far this first week of...

Posted by We'redough on Thursday, October 8, 2020

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