The first weekend of fall is officially here.

Welp, it was fun while it lasted. Now that fall is officially here, we all have to, unfortunately, shift out of summer mode. While I am not against fall, I just love summer more. It won't be long until winter is here and we are all complaining about it.

With that said though, what are your traditional activities at the beginning of the fall season? Personally, I like to jump right into the fall season with a gigantic pot of chili and some beer to wash it down. As the chili cooks for at least eight hours, I spend a bit of time putting the summer stuff away and unboxing the important stuff. And by important stuff, I mean the Halloween decorations. No, it is never too early for Halloween decorations.

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This year, while the chili is cooking, I will be constructing a giant spider web in the front yard with an army of small skeletons stuck in it. My friends and I are making a strong push to have "the best house on the block" when it comes to the decorations this year. In the neighborhood I'm speaking of, there has always been one house that has gone above and beyond for Halloween. Last year, however, there was a note on the garage that said: "Closed for COVID." While I understand completely, there was a feeling of disappointment in the air. A hole in the Halloween festivities of the neighborhood. This year there will not be.

The plans have been drawn up and the construction begins this weekend!

Now that you know my plans, what are your traditions or plans at the start of this fall season?

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