While visiting Cadillac, Michigan, Erik Wright of Flint spotted an insect that he had never seen before in his life.

It was an unusual white insect with a fuzzy appearance covering a tree branch.

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After posting a video (below) on Facebook, people commented on what they believed it was. A couple of people thought it was woolly aphids, while another believed they might be mealy bugs.

After multiple comments, a woman chimed in and said they were beech blight aphids. She was spot on, that's exactly what they were.

What Are Beech Blight Aphids?

According to Wikipedia, the beech blight aphid (Grylloprociphilus imbricator) is a small insect that feeds primarily on the sap of American beech trees. The aphids form dense colonies on small branches and the undersides of leaves.

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Some people refer to the beech blight aphid as the boogie-woogie aphid. They call them this because once you disturb them, they start to shake their bodies, almost as if they were dancing.

Do Beech Blight Aphids Bite or Sting?

It's said that beech blight aphids are not harmful to people. However, they may sting us if there is skin contact, but it is not fatal. The sting may cause some irritation for a couple of days.

You can get a closer look at beech blight aphids in the video posted below. You can really see their dance moves and understand why they're nicknamed boogie-woogie aphids.

Even though many of us have never spotted beech blight aphids, they are native to Michigan.

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