Christ - one more think that can kill us. As crazy as this sounds, this "kissing bug" is dangerous AF, and according to the Center for Disease Control, it could be headed for Michigan next.

Reports indicate if you are bitten by this bug, you run the risk of contracting Chagas disease. These "kissing bugs" tend to feed on human faces, while victims are asleep. The bugs will bite your face, ingest your blood, and crap on you. Gross.

Most people infected with Chagas disease do not have symptoms. Those that do show symptoms experience fevers, rashes, and swelling near the initial bite. The disease can also lead to heart failure and stroke. Jesus, this is scary as hell.

The most terrifying part to me is getting bit and not showing any symptoms. Wait - I take that back. Worse than that would be getting bit and experiencing heart failure.

The CDC recently reported that the bug, originally from South and Central America, have spread as far north as Ohio. Judging from the map below -- we're next.


I am hoping people that drink A LOT of tequila are immune. All kidding aside, this is serious and for more information on Chagas disease, click here.

Editor's Note: This article briefly incorrectly stated that the bug had already been confirmed in Michigan, which was an incorrect assertion made in one of the source posts seen here

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