Last Saturday night on a whim I went sledding with a group of friends at Clover Beach in Linden. Truth be told, we went to Clover Beach, because as you will see in the video below - our made for water tube, was not so great on the hill.

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We are planning on going out again this weekend (with proper winter sleds), and I am curious as to some other good sledding spots in the area. The only other place I know of is Creasey Bicentennial Park in Grand Blanc.

Give me the lowdown on other great sledding hills. I am looking for spots in Genesee County, Lapeer County, and Shiawassee County. We like sledding, but I don't think we want to drive an hour to do it - unless you have a 'monster must sled' hill that we should definitely try.

Once you check out the video below, you will see my sled team is made up of four members. Once we start sledding with actual sleds, we are available for sponsorship if you are interested. We like hot cocoa, talking trash to fellow sledders, and karaoke.

All kidding aside until last weekend, I had not been sledding since I was young. My dad used to take us to Clover Beach (Byram Park) and make us race other kids. I don't want to brag, but I was pretty much championship material. A lot of people must also be into sledding this year because every place we called last to inquire about sleds was sold out.

We are prepared now, so let me know what hills to hit. Warning this video contains one swear word in case you are easily offended.

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