It's by far the worst season of the year...pothole season.

While driving into work this morning, I started to really notice just how bad the roads were getting on my commute. I took a different route than I normally do because there was some construction that I wanted to avoid. While driving I noticed the car ahead of me swerving all over, I thought the person was drunk until I started blasting some potholes. I quickly realized why this dude was all over the road, there were freaking potholes everywhere.

With the approach of spring and warmer weather, we're about to see what we're going to be dealing with in the coming months. I can tell you this, much like every won't be pretty.

We've been talking about Michigan roads so much that someone decided we should start naming the potholes we encounter. We shared the story over the weekend in case you missed it and would like to check it out.

What I want to know is where the worst potholes in Genesee County are located? It's a tough question to answer because they're everywhere but where do you encounter the worst ones?

Potholes are so bad in Michigan that a 12-year-old kid a couple of years ago tried to fix the street in his neighborhood with dirt from his backyard to even out the road.

Of course, this isn't new to Michiganders, it's something we've been dealing with our entire lives. You would just think there would be a better solution than taking a shovel full of asphalt and throwing it into a hole. I mean it is 2021 after all.

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