One vehicle in Michigan is involved in more fatal accidents than others on the road. It's also one of the state's most popular vehicles, or at least it seems that way. Keep in mind that it's not necessarily the vehicle itself to blame, as many other factors play a role.

I'm not sure how I feel about this, as this vehicle is what I currently own.

In 2022, there were 1,123 fatal traffic accidents in Michigan. Of those deadly accidents, 57 were caused by distracted driving. To try to make sense of this, Auto Justice Attorney Michael T. Gibson commissioned a study to determine which vehicle was involved in the most accidents on a state and national level. The study found one make and model involved in more than 6% of vehicle accidents resulting in death.

According to the study, the Chevy Silverado was involved in more fatal crashes nationally than any other vehicle, with 2,093 traffic deaths occurring with that model truck involved. Again, it's not the make and model to blame, as other factors played a part. Unfortunately for the Chevy Silverado, those other factors occurred with that specific vehicle.

Other factors that contribute to fatal accidents include speeding, road surface conditions, reckless driving, unable to stop, and more.

Vehicles in Michigan With the Most Fatal Accidents:
Chevrolet Impala – 38 crashes
Ford F-150 – 46 crashes
Chevrolet Silverado – 73 crashes
Even though other factors are involved, it seems strange that the two vehicles with the most fatal accidents are both pickups.

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