Detroit-based rockers Wilson are one of Michigan’s most popular up-and-coming bands thanks to their pummeling, snap-tight brand of heavy tracks. I'm definitely excited about Wilson's future and recently had the chance to interview guitarist Jason Spencer about the band’s live show, their new video for 'Better Off (Strictly Doods)' and why they’re stoked to play Dirt Fest 2012 this August. Check it out below!

Banana: Tell me about the new music video for your track, ‘Better Off (Strictly Doods).’

Spencer: It was shot by Joe Gall at the Intersection, Mac’s Bar, the Loft and a couple of other joints. The idea of the video is to bring out the beast in Wilson. We did a general concept for our first video, but we decided to go with something more raw, as well as a good view of what the band is about. We figured that if you can't see us live (yet!), we may as well try to capture what we do live and get the next person pumped up to rock out in real life.

Banana: Why are you stoked to play this year's Dirt Fest?

Spencer: Last year was rad! Lots of folks came out, and by lots I mean all different kinds. It’s always good to play a fest where the f***ing crowd isn't reserved for any particular bunch of people.

Banana: What are you most looking forward to at the festival?

Spencer: Rocking some fresh faces, as well as partying the stage up with old buds!

Banana: What's new with Wilson?

Spencer: We just released three tracks from ‘The Endings Sessions,’ which was recorded at Endings Studio in Fenton with Shane Grush. We’re about to head back in soon to finish up some more...! We just came off a short leg with the Meatmen in Canada, and we are heading out for a few weeks with So Many Ways to bang up some southern, Midwest and east coast states. We’re also playing June 1 at the Crofoot’s Pike Room.

Wilson includes Jason Spencer, Chad Nicefield, Taylor Wallace, Kyle Landry and Matt Puhy. Check out more on the band, here.

Watch Wilson’s Music Video for ‘Better Off (Strictly Doods)’: