I am definitely not trying to tell you how to live, but I am telling you that you have an opportunity to be in an upcoming Kid Rock video.

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Kid Rock announced today, via his official Facebook page that he is giving fans this unique and exciting opportunity. The post reads as follows,

Want a chance to be in Kid Rock’s next video? Send in your clips of you singing the chorus of WE THE PEOPLE. Be creative in creative places. Freaks, geeks, nurses, veterans, white, black, whatever. We want all of you. This song is about the people, for the people, so the video should be by the people!

Include your name, age, and contact info. Submissions will be taken wethepeoplemusicvideo@gmail.com until next Friday, February 4.

If you are not familiar with the song, you can check out the video above. To be fair, the reaction from Kid Rock fans on this tune has been mixed. You do you. If you want to submit a video clip, do it. If you don't want to, then don't. It is as simple as that.

It was announced earlier this week that Kid Rock will be hitting the road in April. The 'Bad Reputation Tour' does include two dates at Pine Knob - September, 16th and September 17th (tickets went on sale today). Speaking of the tour, Kid Rock did tell fans via video message that he will not play any venues that may require proof of vaccination or masks. You can watch the full video below.

If you do submit an audition video clip and make it into the video, let me know - I will do a story on you too.


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