There are a ton of talented kids out there playing drums, electric guitars, and bass. The future of rock and metal is looking bright with these youngsters leading the charge.

A good friend of mine who used to play drums for a band back in the day (Aaron Nowak of Mindcandy) has his son following in his footsteps. Aaron tells me that his son is a huge Greta Van Fleet fan, as you can probably tell from his mastery of the drums on GVF's 'Highway Tune.'

It's good to see that parents are introducing the younger generation to the world of rock and metal. Seeing the joy this little guy gets from being behind the kit is the best. With his dad being a drummer, he has the right guidance along with having a pretty sick setup. The sky is the limit for him. Keep rocking out, kiddo.

Oh yeah, did I mention he is only 5-years-old? And I thought the guys in Greta Van Fleet were young.

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