YouTuber HeavyDSparks recently purchased an abandoned hardware store in Detroit.

Sadly, when you look around pretty much any area you are bound to see mom-and-pop stores that have closed their doors for good. Many places like this just couldn't compete with the way the world is today with online shopping and big box stores.

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With buildings and stores like these, sometimes we get the chance to check them out one more time in videos like this one. YouTuber HeavyDSparks purchased this abandoned hardware store in Detroit for just $6,500 and it looks like it hasn't been touched since the day it closed.

After watching the video and doing just a little bit of research, I was able to find out that the hardware store that he bought was the old Rosedale Hardware store at 19140 West Grand River Avenue in Detroit. Unfortunately, that is about all I could find out about it. If you have any info about the old hardware store, please leave a comment so we can learn more.

It is crazy that he only paid $6,500 for everything in the store and $1,500 for the shipping container in the back. Honestly, I can believe that someone else local to the area didn't snatch it up at that price. Aside from the obvious wear and tear from just sitting there, the store is actually in pretty good shape and the contents were left largely untouched.

The store itself was filled with everything you would expect from an old-school hardware spot that you would visit when you were a kid. I would have loved to just get in there and explore that place for a little while to relive my childhood.

Check out the full YouTube video below.

Source: HeavyDSparks

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