Zakk Wylde is known for many things, most of them relating to music or being an all-around badass. His latest endeavor has the Black Label Society frontman storming the literary world with what he calls the 'Bible of Stupidity.'

Zakk Wylde has been showing up in some unusual places since he dropped boozing from his list of hobbies. He explained a few of the more surprising appearances in a recent interview with

Zakk on his American Idol appearance last year:

"Father (Chris) Jericho was doing Dancing with the Stars, so we were ribbing him about that thing. He gave me a call. He goes, 'Zakk, we’re right next to the set of American Idol. James Durbin, he’s a good kid. He digs Ozzy, Black Label and all this other stuff. They’re letting them do songs from movies, and he picked 'Heavy Metal.' So they’re gonna do Sammy Hagar’s song, ‘Heavy Metal.’' I said, 'Oh, cool.' He goes, 'We were just shooting the shit. I was telling him about some of our drinking stories, and he goes, ‘Oh man, it’d be great if you could get Zakk to come down. That would be amazing.' It was that easy."

'Well, the guys that were working on the record, they called me up. I’ve known them for years. They called me up and said, 'Zakk, we’re doing this record with Father Shatner. You want to jam on it?' I said, 'Yeah, of course.' How many people can say they played for the Prince of Darkness and the greatest Starfleet commander of all time? That was a no-brainer. Father Shatner came down. I went to Star Trek conventions when I was like 10 years old, so I remember seeing him then. I had Star Trek dolls and the whole nine yards. Super-cool dude.'

Wylde also spoke at length about his next unexpected project, his delayed literary debut 'Bringing Metal to the Children,' which is expected sometime in 2012:

"A new literary masterpiece up there with Gone with the Wind. It’s basically a literary bible of stupidity. (laughs) Me and (co-author) Eric (Hendrikx) were writing the thing, we were just laughing our balls off when we were writing some of this stuff. A lot of the situations are really real. It’s me talking about a lot of real situations that have actually happened and talking about how ridiculous the music business is. The whole thing is, you’ve got your posters of Jimmy Page up on the wall and Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix, Frank Marino, Robin Trower—all my favorite guys—and you practice your balls off ‘til your fingers and your hands are bleeding to hone your craft, and anything after that just basically goes down the s---ter. It’s one rude wakeup call after another."

Zakk is currently planning an upcoming DVD featuring stripped down acoustic-based performances of BLS tunes -- what he refers to as "Unblackened" -- with some electric guitar leads, guest appearances, and a string section. Based on his prior statements, we expect that the long-planned project will materialize at some point in 2012.

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