I can honestly tell you I have never shop lifted anything. Well, except when I was like 4 or 5 years old, my sister and I took a piece of candy from a store. My mother discovered the "hot" candy in the car and marched us right back in to return it!  That was the beginning and the end of my crime spree.

Without my help or hopefully yours, shoplifting has increased from last year according to Ad Week.  A recent survey was released listing the top 10 items people shoplift.  I think some of the products will surprise you.  Everything from meat to puppets.

The Daily Mail lists the most popular shoplifted items as follows:

  1. Expensive cuts of meat
  2. Expensive bottles of alcohol
  3. Electric items including toothbrushes and DIY tools
  4. Electronic gadgets such as video games, smartphones and laptops
  5. Razor blades, particularly Gillette Mach 4
  6. Axe brand deodorants and body washes
  7. Designer clothing including Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger
  8. Let's Rock Elmo toy
  9. Perfumes including Chanel No. 5
  10. Trainers by Nike and Addidas

Axe Body Spray? Elmo? You have got to be kidding me.  If you receive any of the above for Christmas this year, be suspicious of who and where it came from.  Especially if you receive the gift of meat!

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