The competition is THICK for video games next year and I had an incredibly tough time whittling my list down to just 5 for you to watch in 2011. I knew the whole time that the MMO "DC Universe Online" was one of the games on the list for sure. Read after the jump for a look at the game that will no doubt eat a good chunk of your free time next year.

#3. DC Universe Online: For those of you who only want to play as Batman you should check out the new Arkham City game, for the rest of us there is DCUO. Who hasn't wanted to create their own superhero? Now you can and battle alongside friends online in Metropolis or Gotham City against many different DC characters. I wish this was Marvel Universe Online but I'll take what I can get. For me DC has pretty much consisted of Batman, Superman, and their villains. Marvel has a much larger stable of quality superheroes and villains than DC but I'm getting off topic. This game is not about existing characters, it's about the ones you create. I have been waiting for a console version of this type of game since City of Heroes dropped for PC years back. The game releases for PC and PS3 on January 11, 2011. You can try out the beta now if you have Playstation Plus...enough talking, lets see this bad boy in action!