When it comes to air travel, you can never be sure what you can take on a plane nowadays.

Air travel can be stressful, especially when a traveler is trying to figure out what they can take on a plane. Obviously, many things are not allowed such as firearms, explosives, and other things like that. But what will the TSA allow you to travel with?

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It's not uncommon for a passenger going through security to get stopped for an item that they have in their luggage. Sure it is a pain, but that is just the price we pay to have safe air travel. When it comes to the Transportation Security Administration, they have a pretty details list of items that can and cannot be transported on a plane.

I would have to say it is pretty obvious what you can't take on a plane. Firearms, knives, weapons, and other such things are no-brainers. However, when you look at the TSA's list of items that you can bring, some things really stuck out to me. Some of the items weren't surprising themselves, however, it is pretty funny to see which items the Transportation Security Administration felt the need to include in their list.

The list is broken into the following categories:

  • Flammables
  • Firearms
  • Food
  • Household & Tools
  • Medical
  • Sharp Objects
  • Sporting & Camping
  • Miscellaneous

To be clear, some items on the list may only be transported in checked baggage and not carry-on luggage. However, for this list, I decided to focus on weird things that are approved for carry-on luggage. So these are things that you would have access to during the flight.

While some of these items may not be too out of the ordinary or threatening, I still found it pretty funny that they needed to be listed. For example, the TSA went out of its way to address Harry Potter wands.

Source: TSA

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