Flint's Bishop Airport has installed new CT scanners at TSA checkpoints.

Bishop International Airport in Flint has announced the installation and use of new technology at Transportation Security Administration checkpoints. The local airport will now be using Computed Tomography scanners, or CT scanners when checking a passenger's carry-on luggage. These new scanners will help airport TSA officers to check the contents of carry-on luggage using 3-D images.

The CT scanner applies a sophisticated algorithm during the screening process, while an x-ray camera takes hundreds of images as the luggage is spun around on its conveyor belt...This improved security threat detection capability at the airport security checkpoints will help find prohibited items and will also reduce pulling aside a bag to be opened and searched, thus reducing a touchpoint during this pandemic...said Airport Director, Nino Sapone.

The new CT scanners will also help the TSA officers better protect those in the airport from the spread of COVID-19. TSA officers will be able to see the contents and better detect hazards without having to open those pieces of luggage. Another bonus in using these new scanners is that wait times will be reduced. The new scanners will help move travelers through the TSA security checkpoints much faster all while maintaining social distancing.

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Honestly, I am all for this. The quicker we move through the lines and on to our destinations the better. While I have only flown a few times in the last few years, the TSA checkpoints always seem to take the longest.


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