Banana 101.5 has been rocking Flint, Michigan for 25 years and we've had a great time doing it. We know our story, and now we want to hear yours.

We've had so many shows, remotes, and events where we made memories that will last a lifetime over the past quarter-century. At every single one of them we met great people, had some laughs, and enjoyed some great music.

We have a ton of stories -- some we tell all the time and some we'll probably never tell.  One thing is for sure -- it's been one wild ride. Like we said earlier, we know our story. We remember (most of) what happened over the years from our perspective, but we don't know your story.

That why we're asking you to share your favorite Banana memories from the last 25 years with us here and you just may hear them on air or see them right here on Banana We're looking for photos (new or old), videos, and stories about your adventures with us.

What we'd really like is if you wanted to record yourself telling that story so we can play it on air, which you can do on our free app (click here to download). Open it, click the "Banana 25" button, hit record and tell your story or maybe just wish us a happy 25th. Whatever you want to do.

You can submit any written stories, photos or videos via the app as well, or you can add them in the form below. Thanks for rocking with us for the past 25 years, and cheers to 25 more!

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