3 people were recently arrested in Genesee County after they were caught posing as police officers. These ballsy fools posed as the real deal with uniforms, badges, handcuffs and more. It's believed this has been going on since 2015 and there are more suspects that could be at large.

According to ABC12, they all had some type of credentials, put together an incident log book, detailing the date, time, address and type of emergency they responded to. Get this, they even responded to 911 calls! So these guys would get there first at times allegedly then the real police would show up and ask the fake cops to assist and submit reports. That's how legit these fake cops were.

It's not clear why these people were doing this but I'm sure investigators will get to the bottom of it soon hopefully.

It's kinda scary to think there might be others out there doing the same thing.

If you're ever worried that you may dealing with a fake police officer, you can follow a few steps to verify the officer's identity:
-- Ask for identification and to see their badge.
-- Request a moment to call 911 and confirm the patrol car with dispatch.
-- Stay in a safe, well-lit place before pulling over, so other people are around if at all possible.