3 Genesee road projects will get underway this Monday which more than likely be a pain for many traveling in these areas.

Belsay and Hill Roads: I was wondering what was going at the corner of Hill and Belsay roads because this project was supposed to start last month but they've done nothing even though they have road closed signs up everywhere. It turns out there was a delay due to some utility relocation. The current four-way stop will become a roundabout and is expected to be complete in July.

There is a Rite Aid store located at the intersection but don't try and be sneaky and just roll through the parking lot to avoid the intersection closure. Police say if you do this, you'll get a ticket. Trust me, it entered my mind too because this is my way of travel to and from work every day.

Seymour Road: According to ABC12, the Genesee County Road Commission is planning to begin work on repaving and slightly widening Seymour Road between Cook and Baldwin roads in Gaines Township. The road won't be completely closed as they plan on having flaggers on hand to control traffic in both directions. This project is expected to be complete by July 31st.

Bristol Road Bridge: Part of the Bristol road bridge over Thread Creek in Burton will be closed while crews complete concrete sealing on the deck. This project is scheduled to last Monday through Friday. Two lanes will be closed at a time, leaving at least one lane open in each direction.

These projects can be a real pain in the ass at times but keep in mind these are the same projects we're always complaining about too. It's so funny how people bitch about the roads and then also they bitch while workers are out there fixing them for us.

Source: ABC12