This story is nothing short of amazing.

Earlier this morning a 3-year-old boy fell out of a 7 story apartment window in Detroit. Not only did this little guy fall from the window but he actually survived. Hell, he survived without having any serious injuries. Just let that sink in for a minute, he fell 7 freaking stories which is roughly 70-90 feet. That is unbelievable.

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The apartment building is 8 stories high and located at the New Center Pavillion, near Woodward and Grand River in Detroit.

How in the world could he survive a fall like this?

More than likely he's still alive today because he fell and landed on landscaping mulch that was placed around the building. There must have been enough to help soften the impact.

You would think that he would have suffered a broken arm or leg or something but nope, he didn't break a single bone in his body. His body had to have fallen absolutely perfect for him to walk away as he did.

How did this happen?

According to WXYZ, The window has locks but may have been open due to the hot weather. Apparently, he pushed on the window screen and then fell out.

His parents were home at the time but it was a neighbor who saw what happened and called 911.

He wasn't even knocked out from the fall, they say he was stunned but awake.

The little dude is currently in stable condition at Children's hospital.

I'm sure he won't remember what happened as he gets older but he'll have one hell of a story to share with people.

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