This week has been extremely sad as 5 kids were killed and 8 injured at bus stops around the country including Indiana, Florida, Mississipi and Pennsylvania.

All these stories are really heartbreaking but the worst of all was the 3 siblings from Indiana that were all killed while waiting for the bus.  It was a 9-year-old girl and her younger twin brothers that were struck by a 24-year-old woman Tuesday Morning. Can you imagine losing all of your kids who were simply waiting for the school bus?

A 9-year-old Mississippi boy was killed on Halloween while walking across the highway to get on the bus. He was struck by a truck.

Yesterday morning a 7-year-old Pennsylvania boy was killed by a driver while standing at the bus stop. It was a hit and run accident but I heard this morning on CNN that the driver was found and had no idea that he struck the child. I don't understand how you don't know you hit someone while driving but that's what he claimed.

Also yesterday, according to ABC13, five children and two adults were struck by a vehicle while waiting at a school bus stop. Two of the children were seriously injured.

This is a brutal reminder of how careful you need to be in the morning. Put your stupid phone down and pay attention, there's a lot of kids out there early in the morning. When you see lights, slow down and stop. In the one story above, the girl that killed the 3 siblings, she claimed she didn't recognize the school bus lights. I don't think that's going to fly in court. I'm sure all of these cases were accidents and I feel horrible for everyone involved but these people have to be held accountable.

Source: ABC13 & CNN

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