Safety at school bus stops has been a real big topic lately especially after the death of 5 kids in 3 days at school bus stops around the country.

According to NBC25, the Grand Blanc Township Police Department plans to crack down on drivers whipping by school buses when their red lights are on. Their plan is to have unmarked cars following some buses around their routes in hopes that they will catch people disobeying the law.

If you're one of these people that aren't obeying the laws and you get caught, you're going to get ticketed $195 along with 3 points on your driving record. You could also get 100 hours of school community service.

I'm glad the police are taking this topic seriously because it's been a major problem for some time now. I see it all the time on my way into work, people just don't pay attention or care for that matter because either they're in a hurry to get to work or they're distracted with their phone.

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