A new Michigan law has gone into effect allowing school buses to mount cameras on the arm of the bus stop sign. Michigan has a reputation for terrible driving and the only way to combat that is to just record and ticket everyone! 

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The new camera state law allows school districts to record vehicles driving by buses when the red lights are flashing.


The district can then submit that video to their local police department who are now able to ticket drivers for the violation.


Grand Blanc Township Police Chief Ron Wiles says you could face a stiff penalty.


Wiles says these would be considered civil infractions, with up to a $500 fine, and the court can also have the guilty party do up to 100 hours of community service.

If you didn't know, you have to stop regardless of position on the road. Whether your opposite of the school bus or in the same lane, when that arm extends out and that light starts to flash red you better stop. It's sad that the school system has to resort to using cameras to catch people that don't stop when the school bus lights are on.

But like my grandma used to say, "the best lessons are the hard lessons". Don't wanna stop when your suppose to? That's ok, we'll just hit your pockets for $500 bucks. Still haven't learned your lesson? Well, you can think about your poor decisions over 100 hours of community service kiddo...


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