We are certainly not lacking when it comes to food options here in Michigan. From fast food to locally-owned mom-and-pop spots, there are a lot of super unique and delicious places to eat in the Great Lakes State.

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That being said, there are still many popular restaurants and fast-food chains that we don't have anywhere in the state. My list today is strictly fast-food chains, and I am guessing you have at least heard of one or two of the spots on my list. Yes, In-N-Out Burger is on my list. When I think of In-N-Out Burger I think of California. I have been to Los Angeles on vacation, but I never did go to In-N-Out Burger. The only reason I am aware of the chain is from celebrities posting about it on social media and my boyfriend Nick telling me how great it is too.

There is actually only one fast food restaurant on my list that I have been to - El Pollo Loco. That is one spot I did hit in California. I don't remember exactly what burrito I had, I just remember it being delicious.

As I said, there are many more popular eateries that you can't find in Michigan. What do these five spots have against Michiganders? Here is to hoping that one day (soon) I am writing a post about the opening of El Pollo Loco in Genesee County of Lapeer County.

Until then, let me know what other restaurants or fast food joints you wish we had in Michigan? Check out my list below and feel free to click on each restaurant picture for a short video on each place. Warning, you will be hungry after watching.

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