It's not always easy to tell if someone's from the Flint area, but there are a few things telltale signs that always make our Vehicle City-sense tingle.

As far as city life goes, Flint is fairly plug and play. Just about anyone could get acclimated quickly and blend right in. As long as you don't have a thick non-regional accent or some other obvious tell you could probably move here, claim to be from here, and no one would know the difference... at least, not right away, anyway.

Like every other place, we have certain phrases and nicknames for things that outsiders are unfamiliar with. Whenever they botch one of them -- our Flint detector lights them up like the dude in the picture above. There probably aren't too many people falsely repping Flint that aren't at least from the surrounding area, but better safe than sorry, I suppose.

1. They say "Eight-One-Zero"

Say it with me now. It's pronounced Eight-One...


2. They order a Detroit Coney

I guess it's possible that someone from here could prefer chili dogs to the good stuff, that just makes them a...

3. They ask questions about Flint water

You don't need to ask questions when you already know the answers.

4. They think "The Cruise" involves a boat

Where are you really from, man?

5. They ask where the Nearest 7-11 is located

That depends. How much gas do you have in your tank?

6. They look confused when you say "the I.M.A."

"I.M.A.? Is that like an alternative band or something?"

7. They don't know what a Hamady sack is

We can't be friends.