Michigan has seen some of the most iconic stadiums and arenas in history.

When you look back in history, Michiganders have many memories of huge events in stadiums and arenas throughout the state. From Tiger Stadium to the Pontiac Silverdome, the memories are endless.

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While talking with friends after the recent rebranding of DTE Energy Music Theatre back to the original Pine Knob name, we started reminiscing and talking. We started to wonder what it would cost to rebuild some of the now-defunct venues and current venues. As I started to google, the results were surprising. The list below contains some classics that are no longer standing and some of the more recent stadiums and arenas as well.

Just to be clear in case any accountants or mathematicians are checking this out. To arrive at the amounts listed below, I simply typed in the information on an inflation calculator at usinflationcalculator.com. Now I'm sure some of these would cost more now (Spartan Stadium, Michigan Stadium, etc...) but I am simply going off what it would have cost in today's money compared to what they cost to build then. I am certain The Big House could not be rebuilt with a $15 million budget.

Yes, I know that I only have 9 of the many arenas and stadiums on this list. I just looked into the arenas and stadiums that either immediately popped into my head or ones that meant a lot to me growing up. Take Tiger Stadium for example. I remember going to games as a kid there with my family, throwing peanut shells on the ground in front of me, and even then, feeling super uncomfortable in those seats. The seventh-inning stretch was a lifesaver after cramming ourselves into those seats. But all those things are great memories for me. Feel free to leave your favorites from history in the comments.

Crews broke ground on the old ballfield at Michigan and Trumbull in October of 1911 and the stadium opened on April 20th, 1912. The price tag to build the infamous Tiger Stadium back then was $300,000. Nowadays, that's what a large house will cost you (especially after COVID.) Check out the list below to see what it would cost to build Tiger Stadium today.

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