When do religious rights trump safety?  The Kentucky Supreme Court will soon have a say in one particular case.  Last September a group of Amish men were jailed for refusing to pay fines for not putting reflectors on their buggies.

The men believe the bright orange signs conflict with their religious beliefs to live a plain life, free of flashy colors according to Chron.com.  In my opinion, a disco ball is "flashy", a reflector not so much.  Obviously safety is the issue here.  You know how it is at night if someone is on the road with no reflectors, you won't notice that person walking or on a bike until you are right next to them, or in some cases until it is to late to avoid an accident.

As of now the Kentucky Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case, but no date has been set.  I believe if you want to be on the roads, you have adhere to the rules of the road.  What do you think?  Are the Amish men right in their beliefs of no reflectors, or is it nonsense in your opinion?