Another fight at Flint's Chuck E. Cheese's makes us wonder why they haven't changed their slogan to "Chuck E. Cheese's -- where a kid can be a kid AND watch their parents get their ass kicked."

"Adults" fighting at Chuck E. Cheese's is not a new thing. Hell, our Flint Township location even stopped serving booze a several years back to try and quell the bloodlust and savagery that seemed to occur there fortnightly. While those measures did reportedly make a huge difference, every once in a while tempers still flare at the children's birthday party hotspot, as they did this past week.

You can see in the video above that there was some kind of altercation being broken up. While not much of it ended up being captured in the video, the look on Chuck E. Cheese's face and his body language say it all, and by "all" we mean "this is why we can't have nice things."

Great job, guys. You bummed out an animated party mouse that just wants your kids to have fun on their birthday.

This problem isn't exclusive to Flint. You can Google "Chuck E. Cheese fight" and get all kinds of crazy results. There was a vicious throwdown in a Miami location earlier this year, and another where two Florida women ended up with their shirts off during a 2015 Chuck E. Rumble.

However, those may pale in comparison to the 2008 brawl at the Flint Township location that led to the alcohol ban. There was no video of the incident (probably because it was 2008), but this news report makes us think that may be for the best.

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