The new Road Rash looks f***ing lit!

I have no idea under what circumstances someone would think to arm their bicycle with a bottle rocket launcher and a Roman candle cannon, but we all get to enjoy the fruits of this Italian (I think) gentleman's preparations.

In the video, which could be totally staged for all I know, the man on the bicycle is cut off by some jerks on a scooter. Rather than take just letting it go, the man loads a bottle rocket into a tube attached to his bike, and lights it, all without breaking a stride. It's pretty impressive actually. He does this a few times before breaking out the big gun -- the Roman candle.

I'm not sure what exactly is happening here, or how many times this must've happened to the bicyclist in question to make him weaponize his 10-speed, but it's fun to watch. Also, does he kill one of those people at the 1:15 mark. Homie hits the ground and does not get up. That's either staged or they have weapons-grade fireworks in Italy or wherever this is. I just wish he would've said something cooler before launching. You know, some Italian Bruce Willis s***  like "Arrivederci, stronzi." Hell, he might've. I don't speak Italian.

Also, if you didn't get that 'Road Rash' shout out at the beginning, do yourself a favor and get up on of the greatest video games of all time.

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