There is so much going on in this video, you almost have to watch it a few times to figure it all out. One thing is abundantly clear though -- these chicks do not like each other.

This video has it all -- two different chick fights going on at once, a guy that has a half smoked cigarette in his mouth for some reason, a hair piece flying through the air (pay attention at the 0:10 second mark), an off-duty police officer, somebody trying to use a folding chair as a weapon... what more could you ask for?

Something drastic must've happened shortly before the camera started rolling, because the Lee Nails in the Burton Meijer turned into a knockdown drag out brawl real quick. You can hear something break in the video, hopefully it wasn't something too expensive. That always appears to be a pretty well-kept nail shop, and always looks nicely decorated as I walk past.

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