This 2014 video shot in Flint has over 2.5 million views and I still have no idea why.

Even after Flint, Michigan making headline news due to the water crisis, this YouTube video, titled "Crazy Neighbor And Dog Attack People 810 Flint Michigan" still appears in YouTube when you search Flint's most viewed videos. Sure, there are a few other videos that show up first, but none of them are about Flint, Michigan.

I get that the title is intriguing and it has a pretty good thumbnail, but that's all it has going for it. Neither a dog nor neighbor attack is actually visible in the video, yet it somehow pulled in over 2.5 million views and spawned two sequels, in which even less happens.

I suspect that the video racked up so many views because people watch the video expecting something to happen. Spoiler alert -- it never does.

Oddly enough, the second most-viewed video is from the same YouTube channel -- 810 Productions -- and features another anticlimactic confrontation. There is at least a little bit of action in this video that has over two million views, but the fact that it was filmed the same year as the the other similarly-titled video makes me suspect that this one was staged.

Still, why are so many people watching these boring videos? Are there that many people who would rather spend their time watching crappy footage of a non-fight than an actual debate between presidential candidates that took place IN FLINT? Seriously, that happened and the video has less than half the views of either of these boring ass videos.

If you want to watch a video about Flint that actually has effort put into it, why don't you check out this video we did on Flint's allegedly haunted cemetery a few years back?

Haunted stuff not your thing? Unfortunately, we have fight videos too... ones where people actually fight.

How about Star Wars? I just made a quick video and wrote an article about that too.

We make videos and write about all kinds of stuff at Sure, not all of it is gold, but I guarantee spending a few minutes on our website is more satisfying than wasting them on these fake ass fight videos.

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