I don't know anyone who has not had a car problem. Whether you have experienced a flat tire, your vehicle just quitting on the road, or an accident - it sucks. How about running out of gas? I have been there. I luckily never had to walk, I just called Chris Monroe.

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But what about when you see a person(s) walking with a gas can or just walking away from what appears to be a broken down vehicle, are you inclined to pull over and help? If so, according to Highway Helpers, you are part of 53% of Michiganders who say they would stop and help someone. I would like to say I am in that helping percentage - but I honestly don't think I am.

You don't need me to tell you people are nuts, I don't want to pick up a crazy person and in all honesty I don't think I would like to be picked up by a stranger, even if she or he had the best intentions.

From time to time on Facebook I will read a post where someone is thanking the stranger that stopped to help change a flat tire. Now that is noble. That I would most likely allow because you are not getting in a car with that person.

I don't know, call me crazy (it will not be the first time) I am just too afraid. Although I could be persuaded to accept a ride if I broke down IF there was tequila in the car. Just kidding kind of.

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